1.Energy Catching  10:27  YouTube  
2.Inflow 12:32
3.Life Waters 9:38
4.Dreaming Pulse 10:04
5.Arriving Light 10:19
Total Time 53:38
Instruments used were various
synthesizers and sampler.
Released 1998
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"Light Dreaming" is a CD full of a variety of rock oriented drum beats. It has alot of energy
that will get your blood pumping. From the opening track "
Energy Catching"
, with it's rock
oriented tribal drums, the CD moves on into more traditional rock oriented rhythms. The track
"Dreaming Pulse"
has very heavy drums, almost like the Japanese taiko, yet with a very
electronic rock sound. Finally the track
"Arriving Light"
, has the electronica beat. If you
enjoy a variety of drums beats on the cutting edge, then you'll enjoy this CD.
This CD seems to be a successor to Life Rhythms. It is energizing and joyfully positive; a resonant,
light-pulsing experience. Play it over again when you want a lift.
Eric Mystic, DJ Music Programmer.
Robert Carty is back at the laserium. "Light Dreaming" is another sonic atmosphere of complex
and colorful sound design. This dramatic set of vivid and colorful soundscapes is high caliber
minimalism. Disney is remixing  "Fantasia" for a re-release in 2000. This would be the perfect
soundtrack. The colors are deep and vibrant. The music is full and lush.
Jim brenholts, Auuthor of "Tracks Across The Universe"