1.Lightpulse 8:54  
2.Returning 9:15
3.Love Life 6:09
4.Heart Waves 9:05
5.Within Love 6:07
6.Returning Conscious 7:11
7.Ascending Love 5:50
8.Reaching Deep 5:39
9.Emanations 6:10
Total Time 64:20
Instruments used were various
synthesizers and samplers
Released 1997
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 This is a CD sampler with different tracks from different CDs by Robert Carty. Described as
having some of the best Carty pieces on it, the overall sound of this CD is beautiful and uplifting.
The original ideal of what tracks were selected came from Eric Meece (aka Eric Mystic), a
music programmer of Space/Ambient music on the radio station KKUP in California. Highly
In 1998 I thought it would be great to have what I thought were some of Robert's greatest
pieces from his many different albums all together on one tape. Since I specially love his music
that has love as its theme, I put together a tape of favorite Carty pieces that reflected that. After
I told Robert about the tape, he graciously made a CD of the pieces for me, in the sequence that
they followed on my tape, Thus was born "The Mystic Choice". The result is a CD that features
some of Robert's greatest music composed through 1997, music which captures all the feeling
and experience of love and mystic aspiration, from its sorrowful  passionate longing to its
wondrous joy and mystery--all at the same time. Naturaly, I can't recommend it highly enough!
Eric Mystic, DJ Music Programmer
"The Mystic Choice" is a sampler from Robert Carty's vast library of independently produced CD's.
The elegantly sequenced package shows Robert's gentler meditative side. The music is quiet
ambient minimalism with lush melodies and nature samples. There are distinct similarities to the
gentle synth music of Jonn Serrie, Constance Demby, and Suzanne Ciani. This is an album of
sacred ambient romance. More-succintly-these are love songs!
--Jim Brenholts, Author of "Tracks Across The Universe"
If you are not aware of this prolific space music artist, you're in for a real treat. Robert's homemade
CDs include self-penned artwork and CD-R recordings. With over thirty releases to choose from,
we have selected an even dozen for starters, highlighted by this collection which was put together
by Carty's biggest radio programming fan, Eric Mystic. A CD-only sampler with a choice selection
of the finest and most mystical, romantic and inspiring Carty pieces, this is a great discovery for
space music fans and a long overdue red carpet intro from Backroads. At times visionary, dreamy
primal or floaty, Carty plays pure, heartfelt electronic pieces that range from the inclusion of ethnic
drum machine sounds and samples of East Indian music to deep-ambient, earth-space music. He
freely uses synthesizers, Tibetan Bells, samplers, voice tones and more in creating his mysterious,
emotional, and contemplative music, often with some unusual sound effects. "Mystic Choice" has
tracks from many of his other albums (these pieces dates from 1992, 1996 and 1997), and runs
for 64 minutes. It includes several of Carty's best tracks, perfectly sequenced for maximum
enjoyment. He echoes some of the best space music artist in his work--Stearns, Parsons, Roach,
Serrie, etc., yet all with his own unique touch. Now is the time, and this is a great place to start
with an artist who seemingly can do no wrong.
Lloyd Bard, Backroads Music